Utah is a US state most people do not think of when they are considering travel. It is not a high tourist state but still has a lot to offer. With summer highs above 100 degree Fahrenheit, make sure to drink lots of water during any visit. Utah is definitly for those who enjoy the outdoors and want to see some amazing sights. Here are our 5 must do activities in Utah.

  • Visit the 5 National Parks

National Parks are always an interesting visit, you often do not know what you will encounter. The 5 National Parks in Utah all offer unique features that make each one a great visit. Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion you can easily spend an entire day visiting. All 3 have activities, hiking, look out points and scenic driving. Capitol Reef and Canyonlands are shorter visits and can be done together in one day. These 2 National Parks are more driving to different look out points. Park your car at each point and walk or roll to the look out. Take lots of pictures at all 5 parks. They are all unique.

  • Explore Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capitol city of Utah. Easily accessible from the highway straight into the downtown, driving around the city is an easy was to see everything quickly. Parking is available underground. Entryways for the parking are located in the centre of many of the main streets, so be observant while driving downtown. Walking and rolling around the city is easy with level sidewalks. Bike paths are available through the downtown area as well. Visit the Capitol Building, take a tour or simply wander the streets. We went downtown in the evening so there was not a lot going on downtown at the time. Visit the Cheesecake Factory, see the Capitol Building, walk by the 2 unique castle buildings in the city. Salt Lake City though a small city is very modern and clean.

  • Hill Aerospace Museum

The Hill Aerospace Museum is located roughly 20 minutes north of Salt Lake City. This museum is free to visit and showcases aviation through the years. Make sure to check in with the front desk and sign their visitor log. You will receive a map. Inside there are 2 buildings housing airplanes through the years from the first planes that took flight to the World War planes. Outside on the ground showcases some unique planes. All the buildings are accessible for wheelchairs and scooters, as well as the cement walkway outside around the grounds. Periodically a speaker will come to present at the museum. We did not get the opportunity to hear someone speak but this could provide and interesting insight into the aviation industry from years ago. We were lucky to come across this museum while driving. It was an interesting stop for an hour to see the planes.

  • Utah Olympic Park

Olympic Park was the site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Here is where the ski jump, bobsled, skeleton and luge events took place. Its not very often you get the chance to tour an Olympic Centre. Take a tour to the top of the Bobsled and Luge tracks as well as the top of the 120 ski jump track. When the tour is finished wander around, take some pictures. If your lucky a training session will be going on. During our visit, we were lucky enough to see ski jumpers training. The group training were beginners but it was fun to watch them make some progress. The tour bus can be accessible is advance registration is done for the tour. Access must be requested 7 days prior to your requested tour date.

  • Park City

Park City is one of the many ski resorts in Utah. Like many, we did not think of Utah as a state with snow. Utah is said to have some of the best skiing in the country. Park City is one of the major ski resorts in the area and is home to one of the few accessible ski programs in the country. The National Ability Centre works out of Park City Resort to offer adaptive skiing and snowboarding programs for people of all abilities. They offer equipment rentals and lessons. Advance booking for adaptive equipment and instructions is recommended and mandatory during peak season like Christmas.

There are so many things to see and do in Utah during all seasons. This list only names a few fun activities for all. For more exciting ideas in Utah contact Impact Vacations. After our first visit to Utah it is one of our favorite states and we cannot wait to go back for a second visit.