Disney World is a great place to visit at any age.  However seeing Disney World with a child is just magical.  I had the opportunity to take my 5 year old niece to Disney World in August 2015.  What a wonderful experience.  We went to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique for a full Princess Makeover.  We chose the full experience: Makeover, Outfit and Photo Shoot.

When we booked the experience we had pre-selected the outfit that my niece wanted.  She wanted Anna which was (and still is) extremely popular and I wanted to ensure that they had her costume.  We chose the wrong size and they did have another size so they likely do have inventory if you have not pre-selected, however always best to avoid disappointment.

Our Princess Makeover was in the Downtown Disney location.  We had booked our appointment early in the morning so that my niece could enjoy the princess experience for as long as possible.  When we arrived we found a very busy saloon with lots of children and parents in what seemed, at initial glance to be chaos, however it was very organized chaos.

My niece was led to her dressing room where she was given her outfit.  She was very excited throughout the whole process.


She was seated in the workstation and … so it began.  They started with her hair, putting it into a bun.  I was amazed at wha they could do with short hair.  There were other children there with even shorter hair, but they worked their magic on all the children.


Once they had her hair put up into the bun it was sprayed with hair spray to hold everything in place.  The stylist added in a curly hair extension.






After the hair was completed the next
step was to put on the crown and the finishing touches.  The crown was fastened in place and then sparked were put into the hair.

The final finishing touches were the sash and the wand which she was given at the end.




The next step in the package we purchased was to take her over for a professional photo shoot.  The photographers were very patient and did an amazing job at capturing my niece in her outfit.



Final steps of the day was to go out and let her have fun for her princess day.

This was a fantastic experience for my niece.  The package is quite pricey.  They do have just makeover package and you provide your own outfit or just have the hair and make up done on its own.  Each package has its own price.

We had purchased the Memory Maker package and they documented the entire process of the makeover.  Although you are also allowed to take all the pictures you want in the boutique if you did not purchase the package.  You are just not allowed to take your own pictures at the photo shoot.