Planning Your Next Accessible Getaway

Planning an accessible getaway but not sure how or where to start? Planning any kind of trip is a very exciting adventure. You and your friends or family are excited about the possibilities while you are away and the kind of things you might see and do while you are there. Not everyone is prepared [...]

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5 Tips for Traveling with Autism

Does your child or family member have an Autism Spectrum Disorder? Does taking a trip with Autism seem like a daunting task? Impact Vacations has some tips and planning tools to make traveling with Autism easier. Plan ahead Not everyone can travel on the fly. People with Autism need structure to their daily routines. Plan [...]

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5 Must Do Fun and Accessible Activities In Utah

Utah is a US state most people do not think of when they are considering travel. It is not a high tourist state but still has a lot to offer. With summer highs above 100 degree Fahrenheit, make sure to drink lots of water during any visit. Utah is definitly for those who enjoy the [...]

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Flying During a Pandemic

What is it like to fly during a pandemic? Borders are closed, flights have stopped, people are sparce...or so we thought. COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees. The virus spreads fast and is deadly for many people in our societies. The news changes daily information about what is open and closed, what we [...]

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EPCOT – Walt Disney World

EPCOT, Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow was Walt Disney’s idea to show innovation and technology of the future. Epcot is all about change and moving forward, developing new ideas to take us into the future. During my most recent visit to Walt Disney World in October 2017 I spent a day at Epcot seeking out [...]

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