The All New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The force is strong with this one. Hollywood Studios has been taken over by Stormtroopers. For any fan of Star Wars, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is the place to go. The recently opened in October 2019, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings the world of the Jedi to life. Star Wars Galaxy’s [...]

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Disability Access Pass – Disney

Invisible disabilities are the most difficult to explain to people and taking someone to the parks with an invisible disability can be challenging without the right resources in place. The Disney Parks have provided a solution for those with disabilities, so everyone can enjoy the parks. The Disability Access Service Card is provided to guests [...]

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5 Ways to Save on a Disney Vacation

A Disney vacation is a once in a lifetime trip for many families. Every little girl dreams of meeting her favorite princess and seeing the iconic Cinderella’s Castle. Guess what? There is there a way to make that dream Disney vacation more affordable? We have some helpful tips to save some money during your Disney [...]

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5 Fun and Accessible Things to do in Houston

Ready to escape the Canadian winter? Houston, Texas is the place to go with many fun and exciting activities for individuals and families. With average daily highs of 15 degree Celsius in the winter months, Houston is a warm destination for those looking to escape the cold. Despite a typically warm winter, few tourists visit [...]

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Flying During a Pandemic

What is it like to fly during a pandemic? Borders are closed, flights have stopped, people are sparce...or so we thought. COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees. The virus spreads fast and is deadly for many people in our societies. The news changes daily information about what is open and closed, what we [...]

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Toy Story Land – Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

The All New Toy Story Land Entrance to Toy Story Land Are you a Toy Story fan? Visit the all-new Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Toy Story Land opened in the summer of 2018 with two brand new attractions: Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers, as well [...]

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SeaWorld San Diego – San Diego, CA, USA

No trip to San Diego is complete without visiting SeaWorld. SeaWorld San Diego is the original park for the SeaWorld company. Located in San Diego, California the park is about an hour and a half drive south of Los Angeles. SeaWorld San Diego being the flagship park is not the busiest or most popular as [...]

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