Disability Access Pass – Disney

Invisible disabilities are the most difficult to explain to people and taking someone to the parks with an invisible disability can be challenging without the right resources in place. The Disney Parks have provided a solution for those with disabilities, so everyone can enjoy the parks. The Disability Access Service Card is provided to guests [...]

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SeaWorld San Diego – San Diego, CA, USA

No trip to San Diego is complete without visiting SeaWorld. SeaWorld San Diego is the original park for the SeaWorld company. Located in San Diego, California the park is about an hour and a half drive south of Los Angeles. SeaWorld San Diego being the flagship park is not the busiest or most popular as [...]

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Alcatraz Prison – San Francisco, CA, USA

Have you ever thought of spending a day in Prison? Alcatraz, a small island in the San Francisco Bay was a Federal prison from 1934 until 1963. Today, guests can take the Alcatraz Island Ferry to the island and tour what was once considered an inescapable fortress. In April 2018 we had the opportunity to [...]

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