The High Roller is Las Vegas’ observation wheel (ferris wheel).  It is conveniently located in the centre of the Strip as part of the Linq.  There is a monorail station right beside the High Roller.  The high roller stands at a height of 550 feet (167.6m) and is 520 feet (160m) in diameter.  The wheel opened in March 2014.

This is an image of then actual compartment that you will be standing/sitting in on the High Roller.

The wheel travels at 1 foot per second and takes 30 minutes to complete a full revolution.  Each ride consists of one revolution.

Each group of guests travel in compartments called pods.   The wheel has 28 pods in total.  The maximum capacity for each pod it 40 people.

Happy Half-Hour is offered in a special compartment.  This compartment holds fewer people but boasts a full bar with a bar tender.  Those who have paid for this experience are able to have unlimited drinks while enjoying the observation wheel.

This image was taken at night with the lights on the compartment. This compartment was coming into the station to off-load passengers.

This image was taken at night, after the passengers were off-loaded and the cleaning crew went in to clean up before the next group of passengers entered. You can also see another compartment about to enter the station.












At the time of writing this post the tickets were: $25.00 for adults, $10.00 for youth and $40.00 for “happy half-hour”.  There were also combination packages available with the Eiffel Tower in the Paris hotel.  Tickets are also available online at a slightly reduced rate.

This is a picture of the High Roller at night. The colours on the wheel change regularly. This view is from the Linq.


So the big question is should I ride the High Roller in the day or at night?  Both times provide you a different ride experience.  In the day you can see the strip as well as the mountains and if you are lucky to get a bright day, there are some breath-taking views.  At night, the Las Vegas Strip is all lit up with he city lights.  Night-time was definitely busier than day time.  The wheel is set in the back of the hotels so you do not get a totally un-obstructed view of the city, but you do have a great view.  On the non-strip side, you get a great view of the airport and planes taking off and landing.







*Please note that most of the images were taken through the glass dome of the sky wheel and will have some blurring as a result.  They also have some shadow images.