OUE Skyspace is a sky observation experience located on the 69th and 70th floors of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, California.

The experience begins at the entrance to the experience on the ground floor where you purchase your tickets.  There are a number of choices ranging from $25 and up (as of December 2016).  We purchased our tickets as part of a Los Angeles tour and they were slightly discounted.  There is an area to queue up (line up) at the entrance and appeared to be very busy.  It would definitely be of benefit to purchase your tickets in advance of the experience.  This way you are able to just enter the experience immediately.


The trip up to the 70th floor is in an enclosed elevator which seems to hold about 12 people.  There is an elevator operator who takes you up to the top.  At one point we had to switch elevators for the remainder of our journey.

When you arrive on the 70th floor there is an interactive light exhibit and video you can watch.  They also have a place for photo taking where you can have a picture taken and then for a fee retrieve your photos at the bottom.  One highlight on the 70th floor was transportation down to the 69th floor and observation decks – the Skyslide (however you can just walk or take an elevator).

This is a view of the Skyslide from the bottom of the slide.


The Skyslide is one method of transportation to the 69th floor.  There is an addition cost of $8.00 for the ride and can be purchased in advance or when you arrive on the 70th floor.  We chose to take the Skyslide.  This is an enclosed clear plastic slide which takes you along the outside of the building and you are able to see down to the ground while sliding.  The slide takes about 5 seconds.  It is quite unique to see the ground as you are sliding down, however the experience ends quite quickly.  So for those of you who are scared … it doesn’t last too long.


There are two sides to the observation deck.  They are both enclosed in windows to keep you safe.  The view of Los Angeles is spectacular.  If you are fortunate enough to go at dusk, you can see some incredible sunsets.