Flagship Cruises offers several harbor cruises out of San Diego harbor into San Diego Bay.  I had the pleasure of taking this tour in December 2016.  We were fortunate enough to find a groupon for the tour, but at full-price it is still quite worth it.  There were two experiences offered: a one-hour and a two-hour tour.  The first hour leaves the harbor and goes to the left or right and then returns to dock and the second hour-tour exits port and goes in the opposite direction.   Each tour is approximately 45 minutes due to the time to return to dock and allow passengers to debark and embark.

The first tour we took went out of the harbor, past the USS Midway museum and past a very long row of military ships.  Many of the ships are still commissioned.  The tour guide was very impressive and knew the name and history behind each and every ship which he shared with us on the return trip.

As we travelled along the row of ships we also passed under a very interesting bridge – San Diego-Coronado Bridge in the San Diego Bay.  There is a good opportunity to see the cityscape of San Diego.


Once we returned to the dock and some of the passengers debarked and new passengers embarked we headed out in the other direction.  As we were leaving we passed through some old ships.  Apparently one of the ships had an appearance in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.







As we were leaving the harbor we saw some wildlife – sea lions laying out on the various buoys.   We headed out past the airport.  There is approximately one take off or landing every 90 seconds so we saw quite a few airplanes up-close.  We passed by an active military base.

Onboard the ship there was a small snack bar which sold snacks for the tour.  It was not a warm day and the were selling hot coffee and hot chocolate as well as other basic snacks.

At the end of the tour we were invited to leave a gratuity.