If theme parks and aquatic animals are for you, Sea World San Antonia is a Must See when in Texas.

SeaWorld San Antonio is located in San Antonio, Texas. It is small for a theme park but offers great family fun for a day. Being a regular at Sea World in Orlando it was exciting to get to visit another Sea World park. We spent Christmas day 2017 at Sea World. Texas is not like Florida, in Florida all the attractions are open on Christmas Day but Sea World was the only major attraction open in Texas. There were no waits for attractions and plenty of seating for shows.

SeaWorld San Antonio has 3 separate areas. SeaWorld, Aquatica and Discovery Point. You do not need a ticket in order to experience Discovery Point. This area has a dolphin and other animals and is open before the parks. It is a great place to stroll if you arrive at the park before it opens. Discovery Point is where the dolphin encounter takes place.

When you arrive make sure to pick up a park map and times guide. These can be found at the park entrance or at guest services. Make sure to time your shows well as some are only done once or twice a day. At guest services you can make specialty dining reservations like Dine with Shamu, purchase the all-day dining plan and book tours like the Backstage Animal Encounters.

SeaWorld San Antonio has 3 roller coasters, 2 water attractions and a large kids play area with a themed playground and small rides. Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster opened in June 2017 making it the new attraction for 2017. It is a dual launch family coaster. The Sesame Street Bay of Play is perfect for kids to run around. There is a large play structure as well as some small family rides like Elmo’s Dolphin Dive, a small drop ride.

There are 2 major marine animal shows. One Ocean featuring the orca whales, Sea Lion High feature sea lions with unique tricks and Pets Ahoy features animals like cats and dogs doing tricks. As well for the Christmas season there was a Christmas show featuring beluga whales. We had the chance to see each show. The One Ocean show was called Christmas Miracles for the holiday season. These shows showed the power and grace of marine animals and SeaWorld used the shows to teach the audience about marine life and how to protect our planet.
There are several animal encounter experiences offered at Sea World. A dolphin swim, beluga encounter, sea lion swim and penguin encounter. Most tours were not offered on Christmas Day but each tour offers an up close opportunity with some amazing animals. The trainers will teach you about the animals and their habits and how we can help protect them in the wild. The newest encounter offered at SeaWorld parks in the Orca Encounter. This tour gives guests the opportunity to get up close with the parks orca whales and learn about this amazing animals.

The first thing I noticed about SeaWorld San Antonio, is that it is not as large as SeaWorld Orlando and doesn’t draw the huge crowds that SeaWorld Orlando does. The park is comparable to SeaWorld San Diego.  You can see all the attractions in a day as long as you time the shows right. The park is beautifully light up at Christmas with thousands of lights and stroll through the lights is not to be missed.

SeaWorld is a relatively accessible theme park. Being in the US, the park meets ADA requirements in terms of accessibility. The park has ramps throughout allowing for wheelchair and walker access. All the show theatres have specially designated areas for those needing wheelchairs to roll their chairs to where they will have a great view of the show. The attractions however are not fully accessible. The rides require the ability to transfer into the ride vehicle in order to ride. There are no attractions where a wheelchair can be rolled into the ride. As well each ride has specific limb, height and mobility requirements set by the manufacturer that must be met by every rider before boarding the ride vehicle. Each ride has different requirements and the requirements are posted at the entrance to each attraction. 

So when you are making your travel plans to Texas, consider a visit to SeaWorld San Antonio – and when you are in the area don’t forget to visit Morgan’s Wonderland – a fully accessible theme park.