I had the pleasure of visiting the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls in August 2016.  The falls can be seen from both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides.  Since this is in the Southern Hemisphere – this is winter for Zimbabwe and even though the falls are not flowing at full capacity, the view is breathtaking.Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  It is definite worth visiting if you have the opportunity.

You enter the falls through the Victoria Falls National Park entrance.  The walk from one end of the falls to the other takes between 1 1/2 and 2 hours to see well.  At one end to he park there is a statue to David Livingstone (who saw the falls on 16 Nov 1855) and the path continues to the end of the falls near the Zambia border.  Admission to Victoria Falls National Park is quite pricy and is priced in USD, but the view is well worth the price.

Victoria Falls is comprised of five different “falls”, 4 in Zimbabwe and one in Zambia.  In Zimbabwe there is: The Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Horseshoe Falls.  On the Zambia border is the Eastern Cataract.

The Devil’s Cataract

The Main Falls. During the summer months the falls flow across all the rock formations, however in the winter you can see the rock structures as well as the water flow.










The park has some great wildlife. The Vervet monkeys were all over the front entrance area of the park. Very friendly and active creatures. It was fun to watch their antics.

There are many different birds all around the falls and the in the park.









View of the bridge across the Zimbabwe and Zambia borders. There was actually bungee jumping from the bridge … some brave people.

View of the falls and the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia.









This image was taken of the falls from a helicopter ride over the falls. This image gives you a perspective on just how large the falls are.