Have a fantastic day at Wasaga Beach, Ontario, and for the more adventurous, you can participate in the 5k Foam Fest. What a hoot!

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is a great place to spend the day. Wasaga Beach is committed to the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). There is a boardwalk covering beach area 1 and 2 that is wheelchair accessible. Though this boardwalk is not located on the water is does allow wheelchair users to roll along the edge of the sand. On beaches 2 and 5, wheelchair users will find a Mobi-Mat Rec Path. This mat allows wheelchair users easy access down to the water. Accessible parking is available all along the beach so if parking is full on beach 2 and 5 you can find accessible parking all along the beach and use the boardwalk to get to the accessible mats. Beach wheelchairs can be rented from the park office. A deposit must be left with the office for the rental. All along the beach, the public washrooms all have accessible facilities and comfort stations.

Foam Fest 5K

If you are spending the day, the beach area has some shopping and dinning options to keep you going all day. If you are spending the day, make sure to bring an umbrella and supplies to keep you cool and hydrated while at the beach.

This race will get you wet, foamy and muddy. This may not be ideal for those with sensory issues, depending what they are sensitive to. The foam is a soapy consistency, the bubbles are light and fluffy but taste and feel like soap. This race is on the beach so you are going to be covered in sand and when sand and water mix it does make mud. Bring clothes you do not mind getting muddy. We wore our bathing suits because they would be easy to dry and shake the sand out of.

Though you do require some level of mobility to participate in the race, it can still be a good day out for the family or friends. The event and the beach make for a full day with fun and sun. So, register and come prepared to get wet, foamy and muddy.

Do you need some fun and to keep active but dislike running? Obstacle races have become a popular activity the last several years with many different runs taking place all through the year.  You may consider the Foam Fest 5k at Wasaga Beach.

We participated in the 5K Foam Fest at Wasaga Beach on Saturday 11 August 2018. Wasaga Beach is located approximately 2 hours north of Toronto and a half hour east of Collingwood. Foam Fest hosts races in different cities across North America. These races consist of several obstacles on course such as rope climbing, hurdles, slip’n slide and more. The obstacles are designed to be fun so the difficulty level for this course is easy.

The first heat is at 8:00am; this heat is for those looking to run and get a recorded time. Heats run every 15 minutes after 8:00am. If you’re looking to just have fun on course consider looking at a 9:00am start time or later. We signed up for 10:00am and were happy with that time. As a note, Wasaga Beach is a public beach and parking in the area is limited. When we got back to our car around noon, we noticed people driving around unable to find parking. So, if you select an afternoon start time you probably will not be able to park along the beach or close to the event. Event parking along the beach is $15-$20.

At the end of the race, participants get a finisher medal, towel, drinks and a popsicle. The event area at the finish line provides all day activities until 6:00pm. Foam Fest merchandise and food can be purchased here at this location.

If you want to make a day of this event, consider doing a morning heat then spending the rest of the day enjoying Wasaga Beach. The beach is 14km long and is the longest fresh water beach in the world. The beach is part of the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.